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Sitting on a majestic hilltop, overlooking a captivating scene of flowing rivers, seascape and the astonishing Atlantic rainforest you will find an idyllic village, discovered in the 1500’s by Jesuit missionaries who had a vision of creating a Utopian community; this village was christened – Trancoso.

Trancoso has been largely unchanged since its discovery, this adds to what makes the village so spectacular. The heart of the village is the town green, the Quadrado, a glamorous 320m green park that is surrounded by a rainforest filled with flowering trees and local wildlife, not to mention the pristine 24km coastline that runs around it.

This village has unique characteristics that, when you visit, make you feel as if you are in another world, a true ‘utopia’. The village has kept all its original structures, so you will find yourself surrounded by a breathtaking scene of multicoloured boathouses resembling a storybook picture, as well as the small white 16th century São João Batista church. There is no motor traffic allowed on the Quadrado, so by day you will find children playing harmoniously, while horses graze. By night, the festive celebrations begin; the Quadrado is decorated by torch and candlelight, where you will enjoy long dinners, live music and late-night beach parties at Fly Bar, formerly known as Tostex.